"The natural order is disorder."

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Parallels | Plans before the final battle and Korra’s decision during them.

I love how even though it’s a parallel, this gifset shows how much character development Korra has gone through. In Book 1 she’s facing her enemy because she wants to fight and win; it’s an example of her fiery spirit. She’s facing Amon simply so she can prove her herself as the Avatar rather than confronting him in the name of peace for Republic City. By Book 3, Korra has grasped her role as keeper of balance, realizing that she has to sacrifice herself to maintain world safety. She’s humbly accepted the fact that in a few hours her life could come to an end solely based off of her love for the new Air Nation. This comparison is a huge testament to the character development which transforms Korra from a hot headed teenager to a brave and wise world figure.

Excellent commentary! I couldn’t have put it better myself! ^^

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We have to finish this together.

I love the symmetry of the whole thing. Wan’s life was in danger the longer Raava stayed in his body. After 10,000 years, Korra’s body nearly shut down without her. ;A; Raavaaaaa~

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If you don’t know the opening by heart I’m judging you…

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The cast of The Office honors Robin Williams.

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Korra, my queen, please be okay :(

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How every high school movies goes

New kid: become friends with the nerd
Nerd: shows new kid around school
New kid: OMG WHO IS THAT *popular kid*
Nerd: yOu'lL nEveR haVe a ChanCe
New kid: they get together
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